Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

Woah. Summer is here. School is finally out and I feel a bit dazed being back in the real world of no chemistry or biology or self-destructive CS projects or infuriating (and weird) readings about Sternberg’s three component theory of love. Update: I started this post when I didn’t have school. Now I have summer school. Who invented summer school? This is an abomination. AGH. Now I’m drowning in organic chemistry and “the mathematical foundations of programming.” That doesn’t even sound interesting! (It’s not!) Maybe I should just be an art major instead…. Continue reading “Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes”


Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

I’m going off to college in a week. One week until the newest chapter of my life begins, and I’m so excited and so scared. (Scared mostly because I’m probably going to take the wrong train or bus or something somewhere in the city and end up in Canada or China, but it’s cool.)

I have to say goodbye to almost all of my friends, the people that I spent all my time with these last few years, and start anew. I’ll be all on my own, as an adult in a completely different world. I can no longer wake up 10 minutes before school, roll out of bed and walk across the street in time for my first period class. I will no longer be in a familiar environment surrounded by the people I’ve known all my life. I took comfort in knowing I would see these people everyday, that I’d be right here, with everyone, that this wouldn’t change for a long time, but now that long time is over, and about this, I am sad.

I will, however, be reunited with old friends, and make plenty of new ones. I’ll be able to study whatever I choose. I’ll have the newfound freedom to do what I want and go where I want and explore and live the life that I want. The unfamiliar people and places will become familiar and for that, I can’t wait. So college, here I come! (Lame? Yes, I know. Shh.)

Okay, onto cupcakes:   Continue reading “Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting”

Mother’s Day Carrot Cake

I’ve been super busy with school, but I’m finally done with all testing so I am freeeeee! I know this is several days late (sorry), but happy Mother’s Day!

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing mother who cares so much and does so much for me. Honestly, I can’t do enough to make up for it. However, cake is pretty great. So, I made cake! Yay! (Am I not an eloquent writer?)

I don’t normally like making cakes, cupcakes are more my thing, with their perfect proportions and cuteness. However, this cake is pretty simple, as is the frosting, even though it might seem a little complicated, what with the shredded carrots and all that jazz. It’s super duper yummy and definitely worth the carrot shredding (I hate carrot shredding). Continue reading “Mother’s Day Carrot Cake”

Red Velvet Cupcakes & Cake Flour Substitute

Hello, friends. I know I haven’t posted in ages (sorry) but I have returned with one of my favorite recipes! Red velvet cupcakes!

Oh red velvet. Man oh man oh man, red velvet. If you don’t love red velvet, then you might not be human, because RED VELVET! Even the name sounds amazing. Sigh. I love red velvet. 🙂 I know it’s not anytime near Valentine’s Day…but um who cares! Have you looked at those cupcakes? You do not get to eat those just once a year. Continue reading “Red Velvet Cupcakes & Cake Flour Substitute”

Raspberry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes

I cannot begin to tell you about how much I love cheesecake. I could talk about the amazing texture, the rich creamy goodness. I could talk about the whole world of different cheesecake flavors and opportunities. I could talk about how absolutely cute these scrumptious little cuties look! But, that would do cheesecake no justice!


“To understand the cheesecake, you must eat the cheesecake!”
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Cream cheese Frosting

Cream cheese is my absolute favorite type of frosting. It’s really easy to make, and goes well with Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes (left), Red Velvet (right), and even chocolate! 

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Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

It has been 8 months and 11 days since I last made cupcakes. 8 months and 11 days since that horrible, terrible, not good, very bad day (hehe). 8 months and 11 days since I enacted a ban on one of my favorite foods.

But today! Today, this has changed! I have rescinded my ban on cupcakes! I have embraced them once more! I have welcomed them back into my life and will enjoy their scrumptious, glorious, deliciousness once more!

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