Gajar Ka Halwa (Indian Carrot Dessert)

I may not like all things Indian (cough cough the bathrooms), but the one thing I absolutely love about my culture is the sweets! Man oh man, are the desserts good or what! Gulab Jamun! Khalakhand! Ras malai! Double ka meetha! Jelebi! Oh the variety! Oh my very very happy taste buds!

Thing is, as much as I love these desserts, I’ve never actually made any of them. (Unless you count making Gulab Jamun from mix. You other brown people know that basically counts.) I don’t know what got into me yesterday, but I suddenly remembered a dessert I haven’t had in years: Gajar Ka Halwa. For you non- Hindi/Urdu- speaking people out there, it’s basically a carrot dessert. Carrot pudding I guess? But not really… because it’s not pudding….

Regardless, it’s delicious. It’s somewhat labor intensive, but overall not as easy to mess up as I thought (hurrah). But let me tell you, I’m really happy that I have a shredder attachment for my food processor….

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