about me!

Who am I?

Well, I suppose you could say that I am a life living, book reading, craft making, TV watching, food cooking, hijab wearing, coffee drinking, blog… blogging… rock climbing, ice cream, chocolate, Harry Potter, Pinterest, Doctor Who, and sleep loving, bored, nerdy, short, crazy, female!

Sounds like fun, huh? πŸ˜€

I started this blog in the summer of 2014 during a phase of extreme boredom, and since then I’ve gone from having an all over the place type of blog (With intermittent realizations that I know nothing about fashion or making things that aren’t food …or being funny…. Oh well.) to a more food focused blog, with the occasional spatterings of rants, sharing of my newly found obsessions (yay), or the opinions of the world from a short person’s point of view. (Note: The world is run by evil, tall people who make high shelves. See The Story of a 5’ 1 1/4” -er and her Cereal.)

I hope to share my experiences with you, to be entertaining, and to inspire you to be adventurous in the kitchen and in life. πŸ™‚

Lots of love,



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