My Trip to Cali (Again!)

I’m lucky enough to have family out in California, which means CALIFORNIA ALLLLLL THE TIME! (Ish.) Yay! This trip, sadly, was pretty short but still awesome, because have I mentioned California!? AKA my second favorite state? 

Day 1:

To start our trip, we drove out to Anaheim to go to Disney California Adventure Park! My favorite rides were the roller coaster in Paradise Pier (cannot remember the name haha), and the Tower of Terror! 

I “dang near fainted” in  Cars Land.

 For dinner, at like 1 am, we stopped by Sahara Falafel for Combo Shawarma wraps (with both beef and chicken). ❤️ Aaaagh why don’t we have this store in Chicago? Pita House is nothing compared to this place.

Day 2:

We started the day late, after getting home super late, and went to the USS Midway Museum. The USS Midway is an old WWII aircraft carrier, and it’s huuuge and holds several old aircrafts, some of which you can sit in. There are also flight simulators(ooooh), but my favorite part (obviously WWII aircrafts are not my thing, this trip was not for me, haha) was the view up top.  You can see the bridge to Coronado Island in the distance.    Afterwards, we walked by the pier and saw some of the other ships (we went on them on a trip a few years back). We also stopped for beignets. ❤️   

For dinner, we went to El Pescador Fish Market, which was a small but cute and rustic-y(?) restaurant where we had these awesome fish sandwiches. I had a great time obsessing over their decor before the food arrived. (Man, why didn’t I take pictures?) But, of course, I have a picture of the food!

We had Halibut and Sea Bass sandwiches (I liked the Sea Bass best) and they were so good omg. The bread was soft and fresh and the tartar sauce was tangy and delicious and the fresh fish… oh my god soo good.  Of course, I added some sriracha (because I’m brown and I need my food to be spicy) and that just made it even more amazing.

Also available were fish tacos (oooh) and octopus chips… so let’s just leave it at that.

We finished the day off right, with a little Harry Potter GOF. 😁

Day 3:

Today was spent entirely at the beach. Entirely. By the way, do you have any idea how salty salt water is? I did not know it is that salty. Jeez, whose idea was this? Salt in water. Psh. But I wish that we lived near the ocean. Lame Michigan doesn’t really compare. The water was so clear and clean and beautiful. I looked for shells and got a whopping total of, wait for it, one shell!

My uncle made his “World Famous” fried chicken. But really, this stuff should be world famous because OHMYGOD MY TASTE BUDS. And he won’t even tell us the secret recipe! Spicy and yummy and not even oily and I really don’t know how else to describe it? It’s miracle chicken, honestly.

Day 4:

Today our short trip came, inevitably, to an end. Sigh. We took a walk to the park, where we learned the difference between chipmunks and squirrels and that they were not just “fit Californian squirrels.” Soon after, we had to head back home, finish packing, watch some Carbonaro Effect (you should watch that by the way) and finally go to airport. 

Until next time,



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