13 More TV Shows to get Addicted to!

Hello! I’m back again with a list of great TV shows that you should watch! Yay! It’s getting increasingly difficult to find good shows to watch because I’ve seen everything on TV and Netflix because I don’t have a life these TV producers have no good ideas anymore…. Nevertheless, I still have a list for you!

I’ve been on a little bit of a superhero kick recently, maybe because I’m still super excited about Avengers: Age of Ultron (WHICH I STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN TO SEE OHMYGOD CRYING!) Anyway, I loooove Marvel! I may not be anywhere near the biggest fan out there (I’m much more dedicated to the Harry Potter-verse, of course.) but I still think it’s super awesome, and all these movies where everyone gets in everyone else’s movies is too exciting. 😀 

Also, SpiderMan is now joining the Marvel universe so OHMYGOD yay!

Speaking of Marvel, I still haven’t read the Ms. Marvel comic and I’ve been meaning to for like, ever.

I get off topic so easily… back to the TV shows!

Okay, so the first one I’m excited about is Shadowhunters. Yes, you read that correctly. Shadowhunters as in Cassandra Clare, as in The Mortal Intruments and The Infernal Devices! (I know!!!!!) My friend Emily, who somehow has all kinds of information about this stuff, has been continuously updating me when they’re auditioning and choosing actors and filming. The show isn’t scheduled to air until 2016, but with all the information and stills I’m seeing, I’m already excited!

Here are the rest of the shows that are actually out already:

  • White Collar (Ahhhh Neal Caffery.)
  • Marvel’s Agents of Shield (Ahhh Phil Coulson…. This, by the way, is easily one of my favorite shows now.)
  • The Blacklist 
  • The 100 (This is also a book series!!)
  • Friends (This is a classic and if you’re an avid TV watcher and have never seen an episode of it, then I really don’t know what you’re doing with your life. )
  • Gilmore Girls (Also a classic, and also fantastic–does that rhyme? This show was a nice break from all the drama and action packed shows I’ve been watching recently.)
  • Marvel’s Daredevil (Okay, I have to say I was reaaally excited about this one, one because Marvel, and two becuase I’ve heard so many great reviews. But I’m a few episodes in and I can’t exactly say I’m hooked. I mean it’s okay? But not that good? Maybe it will get better with more episodes. I shall update you.)

More shows that I want to start watching:

  • The Flash
  • Legend of Korra (Well Avatar was awesome…!)
  • Dexter (Actually I don’t know if I want to subject myself to that level of insanity, but I heard its good and I like TV, so….)
  • Classic Doctor Who
  • Breaking Bad

You can also check out my previous list here: 18 TV Shows to get Addicted to!

What shows have you been watching?



4 thoughts on “13 More TV Shows to get Addicted to!

  1. James Portapinski

    Great list yo! I normally never watch TV because I never know what is actually good – and I don’t get much time. But the fact that you put Dexter on that list, I know that the rest must be good! I do have one more suggestion for you to add to that list, however. BIG BROTHER! Everyone in the world needs a little Big Brother in their life! I’m not even a reality TV type of person, but this show is just beyond amazing! I have no words to convey is awesomeness.


  2. F. Crick

    Dear F,

    Sorry about this, but I’m going to have to disagree about the “TV producers have no good ideas anymore” part. I honestly think TV is getting better than movies themselves. The plot lines/creative process and investment in tv have progressed. Even within the more recent shows in the sample you gave us, there are such improvements to previous “work place drama” shows. I am normally a silent reader, but I needed to speak up for this one. Also, I like many of the shows on this list.


    1. Ahh sorry I was just kidding about that! I meant my real reason was that I don’t have a life and I watch everything and so there’s hardly anything else! 😅 (I have an awkward sense of humor obviously.) But yeah, I totally agree with you.
      Thanks for reading and commenting though, and I’m glad you like these shows haha they’re pretty good. 😀


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