Resolutions shmesolutions

NEW YEARS EVEEEEEEEEEEE! WHOOP WHOOP! TURN UP FOR 2015! (I’ve yet to figure out what Turn Up means…. Do you want someone to arrive somewhere? Do you want me to fix a box that says “this side up” and some doofus put it that side down? What? Help me out?)

As always, I feel obligated to make some New Years resolutions! (And as always, I will never follow through with them. But shhhh you’re not supposed to know that!)

1. Go to college. (HA IMPOSSIBLE. I’m actually going to move to Idaho, live in a Converse and work a Starbucks.)

2. Discover that I am actually a wizard.

3. Discover that I am actually a Time Lord.

4. Actually LOL when I say LOL (LOL.)

5. I will stick to these resolutions for a full 67 seconds!

6. I will post on this blog on a normal basis. (heh…sorry)

7. Act like a normal person. (Okay, Nope.)

8. Become a famous singer, singing the Fanta song! Have you heard my singing voice? It’s fantastic.

9. I will drink more Starbucks.

10. I will not torture my body with workouts.

11. Hot pink everything. (Or lime green, if you prefer.)

12. I will make my hair grow. (Hey I think I can really do this one!)

13. Maybe I’ll use a dictionary and find out what “resolution” means….

14. Develop superpowers.

15. Visit Neptune.

16. Get a pet cloud.

17. Be awesome. (Just kidding, I’m already pretty awesome. Right…? ;))

18. Do… THINGS.

19. Grow another 5 inches. (Hey, stop being such a Debbie downer, I could totally still get my growth spurt at 18.)

20. Become the President of The United States.

Or I could stick with being happy:)

Happy New Years! Have an amazing year 🙂



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