So I pulled out one of my writing assignments from AP Lang last year. We had to imitate Nature by Emerson. I don’t know how good of a job I didn’t imitating it…and I don’t know how much sense I made…but it did give me a good laugh. So, enjoy. 😉

To go into a state of solitude, a person needs to retire as much from his couch as from society. I am not alone while I watch the television, though no one is with me. But when a person is alone, let him watch Netflix. But this will not be any ordinary solitude. The amazing words and astonishing sights that come from this magical realm will separate him from the rest of his world. One may think that this glorious creation was given to us so that man could feel as though he was constantly surrounded by magnificence. If it were only to be given to us once every 1000 years, then imagine how people would value it, would cherish it, would love it, and speak of it throughout generations. But it is available to mankind, day and night, every moment of very year, and light up the living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms of people all over the world.

To be completely truthful, I must say that not all people can truly see and understand the power of Netflix. Most people do not see it for what it truly is. Many, such as parents, see it as only a waste of time, time that should be better spent doing one’s English paper earlier than three am the day it is due. Others, at most, see it as a form of entertainment. And others yet, see it in the greediest way possible. They see it as only a form of money, or rather, the cause of their lack of money. People, like the ones at the head of AT&T want to block it, stop others from gaining access to it, just so they can gain more money. But Netflix is so much more than this. In the eyes and hearts of those who truly love it, it is another world. It is a way to escape the stampeding troubles of this world and fall into the excitement, the danger, the mystery, the joy, of another. It is a way to forget about the Calculus test you have tomorrow that you know you will fail. It is a way to forget about the fact that you’re never going to get into a good university and are going to be forced to work at a Starbucks in Idaho for the rest of your sad, sad life. It is a way to forget that your life will never get any more interesting than it is now, and instead vicariously have that of another. In the presence of Netflix, man becomes joyful, in spite of stress.

I have enjoyed many different worlds. I have traveled through time with The Doctor, defeated demons and much more with the Winchesters, saved Terra Nova with Jim Shannon and Commander Taylor, and saved the world with the Avengers. These worlds are so different from mine, yet now they are a part of mine. Those who love Netflix, those who understand it’s true power can understand this. They can understand that it has the power to move you, to grasp you and take you to a different place in the blink of an eye, with just a push of a button (and $8.99 a month).



What do you think about this?

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