Doctor Who Season Eight Premiere

Ohhhhh, my god. So I just watched the season eight premiere! Ahhh!

So this was a pretty good first episode! Couple of thoughts on it though….

Okay so first of all, I know everyone was saying this, but I’m still going to say it too…jeez was Clara annoying or what. Ugh. Like, you can’t complain about it just because he’s old. Calm down.

Second, the whole Scottish thing is just hilarious! He’s all like, this means I can complain now! Yes! Hahahaha I died oh, my god. And he’s like, what’s wrong with all of your accents?! Oh jeez, Doctor. Ahaha.

And finally, Missy? Whoa. What’s up with that…. And she’s like, “my boyfriend.” Whaa…. Weird….

Any thoughts on this? Can’t wait to see Into The Dalek!



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