My California Trip

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in a little while, but that’s because I finally went on vacation to…Californiaaaa! Whoo! I love Cali. Chicago is my favorite place, but California has to be my second. The only issue is that it’s too hot. Chicago has every weather possible. And I do mean every.

Here’s what I did, and you should totally do as well if you go to California.

Day 1:

Today we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. (Or is it called San Diego Zoo Safari Park? I’m confused.) Let me warn you: I hate zoos. I’m not an animal person at all whatsoever. So this day was completely for the little ones. It was an immensely large amount of walking, and my feet were not happy about it. The animals and exhibits were nice though. (If you were expecting a through review about all the animals I saw and things like that…yeahh that’s not happening here.) We climbed up a hill, pushing a really heavy, full double stroller to see the elephants…and the elephants weren’t there. Needless to say, I was not happy.

I liked the tram ride though. We rode next to some of the exhibits, and it was all a very natural, real setting. Pretty cool. There was also another tour that took you into the exhibits, and right next to the animals, but we didn’t go on it.

My uncle made us ribs for dinner. I have never had ribs before, and so it was pretty different. They tasted good! I just didn’t know how to eat them. It was pretty bad. Let’s just not talk about it….

Day 2:

Today was “older kids day!” Hooray! We went to Knott’s Berry Farm. Now before you say, “Um that sounds a little boring…. What did you do? Pick berries?” This is actually an amusement park! In fact, it’s America’s very first amusement park! How awesome is that?


We apparently chose a really great day to go, because all of the lines were really short, which also meant we got to go on a bunch of rides even though we got there at like 3. My brother is finally 54” so that meant he could sit on all the roller coasters with us. Which meant…we were going to sit on all the roller coasters! Whoo! I love roller coasters. I will go on any roller coaster you show me.

One of the rides we went on, Xcelerator was craaazy. It shot from 0 to 80 mph in two seconds! And look at this drop! It was great. We timed the ride, the whole thing was just 27 seconds. Wow.


I tried garlic fries for the first time, and I honestly cannot say I am a fan. Bleh. I’ll stick with my plain salted fries.

We spent the night at a hotel, so we could spend the next day in LA!

Day 3:

In the morning, we headed over to The Griffith Observatory. It’s this place on a hill, from where you can see the whole city, and admission is free. (As much as you can see through the smog, that is.) You can see the Hollywood sign from there too! I was starting to think it didn’t actually exist, because I had never seen it before. (Probably because I always go to San Diego, not LA. Awk.) We left the observatory fairly quickly, because everyone wanted to get to the beach.

On our way to the Santa Monica beach, we walked through the Promenade, which is basically a bunch of stores, like Forever 21 and Lush (Have you ever been to Lush? If not, go! There’s so much good smelling, handmade, cool, and overpriced stuff. Haha.) and toy stores, and eateries and there are street vendors selling cute things like bracelets and terrariums (Okay, I love terrariums. I will make one, one day. I swear I will. And I have been saying this for years. But I will!!!) and there are musicians playing in the middle of everything…oh it is fantastic. I wanted to just spend the whole day there, but again, the beach!

And so we went to the beach. This was my first time going to a beach on the Pacific. Okay…you’ve all probably been to a beach so there’s not really much to say about that. 😉 It is a very nice beach though. Also, it’s right next to this long pier, by which I could see several rides and things. However, it was far too crowded so we decided not to go there. The only problem about this beach trip was that I didn’t have beach clothes…and it was getting pretty cold. So pretty much, I got my favorite pants all salt water and sandy, and then froze. But it’s all good. 😉

We had Chinese food for dinner! I am obsessed with fried rice. It’s one of my favorite foods. I could probably eat it for a week straight, and not get tired of it. We went to a halal Chinese place called Lotus. The food was great, and especially the chicken corn soup after freezing at the beach, and of course, my fried rice.

Day 4:

Today was chill-at home day. So that’s precisely what we did. Ahh so relaxing after three days of walking around everywhere. Man, were my feet sore or what. We had nice warm home cooked food…yum. Haha. We wandered the La Jolla Mall, which honestly is a really cute, little outdoor mall. If I lived nearby a mall like that one I would probably go there to just relax all the time.

My aunt was very excited to go to go look at lots of makeup stuff. Oh man. That was such fun. My aunt, my mom, and I all tried on lots of eyeliner and lipstick (apparently I have nice very lips) and a bunch of stuff.
Aaaaaand my aunt bought me…wait for it… drum roll… Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner!!! Oh my god I’m freaking out, that stuff is fantastic. It’s literally the best gel eyeliner out there. It’s $25 (A price for which I would have never bought eyeliner…ever.) and faaantastic. Thank you Aaaniiii ❤ Now I just have to buy a brush! More on this later!

We also went to Starbucks. And ummm… I. Love. Starbucks. I have coffee about two times a year, and I enjoy it. I've never had real coffee…just frappucinos. So pretty much ice cream in coffee form. It’s just so good though. 😉 If you’ve never been on the website Starbucks Secret Menu, I advise that you do, because if you’re like me, and don’t know the first thing about ordering coffee, then this website will help you out so much. It has a bunch of recipes for awesome drinks you can get at Starbucks.

This time I had a Cookies and Cream Frap. It consisted of a Double Chocolate Chip Frap made with white chocolate mocha sauce instead of regular chocolate mocha sauce, and chocolate whipped cream(I was really excited about this part, but I actually didn’t like it very much. Then again, that’s probably just me. I love chocolate but don’t like chocolate milk or hot chocolate or even chocolate ice cream. I know, I’m weird.) It was delicious. Next on my Starbucks Secret Menu To Try list are: Butterbeer (yes, from Harry Potter) and the Caramel Mocha Chip Frap. Yum.


For dinner, my mom made us all Chicken Tortilla Soup. I am not a soup person, but I LOVE this stuff. It’s amazing. Its this tomatoe-y base with corn and beans and chicken, and you break tortilla chips on top, so it’s hot and spicy and crunchy and yum. (I will post the recipe for it soon.)

And that concluded my California Trip. Darn tennis season started too early, so I had to come back home. Oh, and that thing…what’s it called…oh yeah, school. Sigh.

Until next time,



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