Hello Whovians! Season 8 is Approaching!

Ohhhhhh, myyyyyy godddddddd!

*Commence Fangirling.*

So Day of the Doctor (The 50th Anniversary Special) and Time of the Doctor (The Christmas Special) just came on Netflix… so guess what I was doing…. Thaaaat’s right! I finally got to watch them both! And oh, my god, were they faaantastic (sorry, couldn’t help it) or what!

David Tennant and Billie Piper…in the same episode as Matt Smith with John Hurt and Jenna Coleman…. I could not even handle it. I was literally squealing when their names came on. Oh, my god. (That’s mostly all I am capable of saying at the moment.)

And everything finally makes sense oh, my god. Trenzalore and the church and Silence and regenerations and everything. Wow. How awesome.

Also! About that part with Tom Baker!? (He was the fourth doctor from the classic series.) ”You might be able to visit some old favorites?” Was that weird or what?

A friend of mine (Em) has a theory that he meant the Doctor might be able to control his regenerations now… Because Peter Capaldi (the newest regeneration of the Doctor) was in that episode about Pompeii! And everyone the Doctor meets, leaves an impression of some sort on him…. Hmmmmmm.

Anyone else have any ideas?

I cannot wait for the Season Eight Premiere on August 8th. (You’ve probably noticed my countdown in the sidebar.) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m soooooo excited!

Here’s the link to the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet: Doctor Who Season Eight Trailer

ALSO. There are rumors that River Song will be in season eight! Oh, dear lord, please let River Song be in season eight. I love her.

Okay. *End of Fangirling.*

Sorry all of you non-Whovians, just had to get that out. Just kidding, I’m not sorry. Doctor Who is fantastic (again, I know) and you should all watch it. Now go. Enter the realm of the Whovians. 😉




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