Northwestern College Visit!

Oh, my god. Yesterday, I went on a college visit to Northwestern University in Evanston, and it is amazing. I am in love. Seriously.

It was the absolute perfect day to visit. The weather was amazing and so I was able to enjoy the  lakeside campus to the fullest. It is beautiful, and the library… oh, my god, the library. Probably the most beautiful library I have ever seen. Plus, it looks like Hogwarts! 😉 Our tour guide told us that it’s the kind of library with long tables surrounded my books and sunlight streaming in from the huge, long windows lining the walls. Honestly, one of the things I’m looking forward to the most about going to college is being able to study in libraries like these. Ahh.

My other favorite thing about NU, besides the library of course, is the student body. I love how all of the students are brilliant, but aren’t completely studies-oriented. So many of the students are majoring in two or even three different things, and participate in a wide variety of extracurriculars. They love to learn but still make time to explore and have fun.

If I don’t get in here, I will probably cry for a month. Just sayin’. Lol.

The only down side about this college is that it is so expensive. The average cost per year is $60,000! They offer only need-based scholarships, which is good for those who cannot afford it at all, but makes it difficult for middle class families who still need scholarships in order for their children to attend. They have to instead find scholarships from outside sources.

Sadly, I didn’t have time to take pictures, but here are some from online:

The Deering Library:

The Weber Arch: This is the arch that all new students, all together, march through when they first come the school, and march out through for the last time when they graduate.



Pictures from:



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