My Bucket List

Hey there, guys! If you’ve never had a bucket list before, you should definitely make one. They’re such fun. I would advise making one with things you actually plan on doing though haha. These are a few things on my bucket list, some really fun stuff that I would love to do some day… But I probably won’t. Which sucks. Oh well, maybe you’ll do some of them! What’s on your bucket list?

Design my own converse! I am a converse fanatic. They’re amazing.

Spend a night in a tree house! Maybe with some friends or family.


Have a bonfire!


Be an extra in a movie! How awesome would that be?


Watch baby turtles hatch! I’m not an animal person but this is just adorable 🙂


Go cliff jumping! I would actually most likely be too scared to do this but that just means I have to go with someone who will push me;)


Have my favorite author sign my book! Having my Harry Potter books signed by JK Rowling would be awesome!


Go skydiving! I’m really going to do this one day!


Put soap in a public fountain! Hehe;)


Play messy twister! Oh my God this would be awesome.


Have fun!


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the above pictures.


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