Hey Hey Hey!

Heyyyy guys!

So this is me, making a blog! Whoo! How exciting!

Hmm. So what is this thing about? Lets go with…everything. Over the next…while(weeks? months? years?) i’ll be posting bits of everything I find that’s worthy of pinning on an inspiration board. Food, crafts, books, travels, pretty things, weird things, cool things…you name it.

I’m pretty excited about this because I’ve never had a blog before! (Oh boy… I’m going to get addicted amn’t i….)

I’ve also decided that i am going to try this 30 days of blogging plan! Everyday, I’m going to post something (probably horrendously boring things from my horrendously boring teenage life…but hopefully some interesting things as well! hurrah!) This is all just to get this blog going and to get me into the habit of blogging, considering I’ve never had one before…. Well, this should be fun, guys!

Toodleloo for now! (what a weird word…who comes up with these things….)




What do you think about this?

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